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Leak Detection & Repair in Orange County

Detecting and Repairing Leaks in Surrounding Areas

Leaks can happen anywhere in your plumbing system, and when they’re hard to find behind walls or other materials, it can be difficult to stop water damage before it becomes severe. If you notice warping materials or a higher-than-normal utility bill, don’t hesitate to schedule our dependable leak detection and repair in Orange County. First Option Plumbing focuses on providing quality service above all else because, as a family-owned company, there’s nothing more important than taking care of our community.

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How Do You Repair a Slab Leak?

When pipes underneath your foundation begin to leak, it’s considered a slab leak. This can cause serious issues like a cracked or shifted foundation. 

Signs of a slab leak include:

  • Pooling water outside & on the floor
  • Damp or molding carpet
  • Dramatic increase in the utility bill
  • Recent earthquakes or other extreme weather

How we repair a slab leak is heavily dependent on its severity and the damage it’s already caused. That’s why it’s necessary to know these signs of a slab leak and schedule a leak detection as soon as they appear. If your home has outdated cast iron or galvanized steel pipes, they’re more susceptible to soil shifts and deterioration that can cause a slab leak.

Minor issues can be repaired without breaking through the foundation, but if the water damage is already noticeable in your home or has caused a crack or movement in the concrete slab, breaking through the foundation and repiping your system may be the right choice for you. Though this seems like a major undertaking, it can provide long-term relief from issues like this by replacing untrustworthy materials with today’s more robust alternative, PVC. Don’t hesitate to count on First Option Plumbing when you need slab leak detection and repair in Orange County.


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Areas Vulnerable to Leaks

Preventative services and early detection are critical to reducing significant water damage in your home. Schedule annual maintenance and inspections to ensure your pipes are prepared for the following year. 

However, here are a few areas that you can monitor between services if you’re concerned about leaks:

  • Under or in the back of cabinets
  • Around the toilet
  • At pipe joints
  • Near rusted fixtures

If you notice corroded fixtures or plumbing appliances like toilets, sinks, or faucets, these are susceptible to leaks. Watch for pooling or unexplained water near these areas, and replace them before they become rusted and worn out.

Where two pipes join is considered the weakest area of your plumbing system. Common joints are under sinks or at the back of cabinets with a sink, dishwasher, or other appliance. Though there are joints behind your walls or ceilings that you can’t constantly monitor, look for discoloration, foul smells, unusual sounds, or peeling paint.

Don’t go without the solutions you deserve if you’re concerned about water damage. We’re here for you 24/7 if you need emergency leak repair in Orange County. If it’s not urgent, consider our same-day appointments for fast and reliable services because we focus on quality above all else.

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